Antisocial Behaviour in Callington FREE Car Park – How to report it

As the landowner of the FREE CAR Park in Saltash Road, we have been running a campaign over the last three months calling on your help and knowledge regarding any anti-social behaviour you may see or hear in this particular area. Last year we worked in collaboration with the Police and Anti-Social Behaviour Team at Cornwall Council asking neighbouring properties to complete a diary of any concerns so we could build up a picture of the extent of these problems, because without evidence we cannot pursue matters and take action. Sadly the uptake and interest in this initiative was very poor so the matter was closed.

However, concerns have been raised again with the Town Council and we would like to work with our residents in a slightly different way in an effort to improve engagement and collect intelligence. If you experience any concerns at the FREE car park, please still report it to the Police and Cornwall Council but can you also send the details to Callington Town Council.

The campaign is encouraging residents to email the Town Council at to report any concerns regarding traffic matters such as speeding, horn blowing, car doughnuts or general anti-social behaviour in and around the FREE CAR PARK at Saltash Road. If adequate and quality intelligence is collected we can look to find ways to resolve such matters. The campaign deadline is now being extended to the end of February 2020. This dedicated email is NOT meant to be used as a substitute to contacting Cornwall Council and the Police, you will still need to report it.

The information gathered from emails will then be considered by the Outside Services Committee. When providing information to the Town Council on the dedicated traffic email, please provide as much intelligence as possible, namely time, date, registration numbers and the nature of the problem, a description of the driver and any passengers; such as age, male or female, what they were wearing. We have a good CCTV system and with that information we can identify our miscreants. So please continue to contact the Police. In any emergency call 999, for non-emergencies call 101.

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