Callington Carnival Saturday 8th September 2018

With a host of committed entries to the Carnival already received, the 2018 Callington Carnival promises to be one to remember, so do make sure that Saturday 8th September is firmly in your diary and that you are out and about in town to enjoy the spectacle.

As ever, the main procession will leave the Saltash Road Car Park at 4.30pm, this year moving down Saltash Road to the traffic lights and then turning left into Fore Street, which will give a much better view as the parade approaches the town centre. It will then continue along Liskeard Road as far as the museum and then turn left into Westover and come out at the primary school, to turn right and return to the car park. In essence the route has been reversed and also slightly shortened, to allow for easier participation for people of all ages and abilities.

If you live along the route, please make sure that cars are not parked on the road during this time – and if you use the Saltash Road car park, please remove your car/van for the entire day on the Saturday to allow for easy access for floats and the setting up of the parade. It should be available for normal use after 6.00pm

There is still plenty of time to make an entry yourself, whether it be on a float, as a commercial vehicle to promote your business or organisation, or as a walking entry. We would ask vehicle entries to enrol at least 48 hours before the start, but walking entries can be made on the day.

In the past, there has never been an official theme for entries, but this year there is a suggested guideline of “Centenaries” or “Anniversaries” as 2018 marks a number of historical milestones. Nevertheless, have no fear, other entries will be warmly welcomed!

There is a surprise extra procession of at least 20 vehicles which will precede the main parade so make sure you are out and about in plenty of time to enjoy the fun.



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