Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a list of many of the questions the Town Council regularly gets asked. You can select the area you are enquiring about and sort through the relevant Q&A by clicking on the tabs below.

I am interested in how Council meetings run and how decisions are made - can I come along to meetings?

Yes,  Callington Town Council hold four meetings a month, covering Planning, Town Hall and Premises, Outside Services and a Full Council meeting on the fourth Tuesday.  Members of the public are welcome to attend any meeting with prior approval although not permitted to speak.   The exception to this is the Planning meeting where you are able to talk about your planning application with prior approval.  There is a public session at the Full Council meeting where you are able to speak and question Councillors.

Who are my councillors and how do I contact them?

A current list of all Town Councillors, the Chairman & Vice Chairman’s contact details can be found by clicking here or by contacting the Town Council offices on 01579 384039 between 9am and 2pm.

How can I find out if I am eligible to vote?

You need to be on the electoral register to vote. To find out more information about the register in Cornwall and whether you are on it click here.

How do I advertise my business in the Callington Newsletter?

To enquire about advertising in the Newsletter, give the Town Council office a call on 01579 384039 between 9am and 2pm or alternatively, email

I would like to have an allotment, are there any in the Town?

Yes, there are two allotment sites in Callington.  One site consisting of approximately 55 plots,  on Haye Road, just along the lane from the Health Centre.  The other site is located on South Hill Road adjacent to the Fire Station.  The Town Council administer both these sites although the South Hill Road site is owned by the Trustees for the Labouring Poor.  For more information about allotments or to put your name on the waiting list for either site, please call the Town Council offices on 01579 384039 between 9am and 2pm or email

My Blue Badge disabled parking pass has run out, how do I renew?

Changes to the way you apply for a Blue Badge were put in place in November 2015.

To make a new claim you will need to contact the Assessment Contact Centre on 0300 1234 121 where a series of questions will be asked to see if you would be likely to qualify for a badge, the correct form will then be sent to you.

You can complete an application form online at

Download a form, fill it in and send to Cornwall Council.

To pay the £10 fee you will need to telephone the Assessment Contact Centre on 0300 1234 121 where a payment will be taken by debit or credit card.

To provide your completed form and documents you will need to send them to Cornwall Council, Revenues and Benefits, PO Box 676, Truro, Cornwall TR4 9LD. Please provide photocopies of documents making sure they are clear copies.

I have a broken down fridge/freezer that I need to dispose, how can I do this?

Cornwall Council offer a Bulky Waste Collection scheme.

You can call Cornwall Council Refuse and Recycling on 0300 1234 141.  If you are able to drive, you can take the items yourself to the Saltash Waste and Recycling Centre at Unit 2, Tamar View Industrial Estate, Saltash, Cornwall  PL12 6UA  free of charge.

I would like to apply for my free bus pass, how do I do this?

Application forms for Senior Citizen and the Disabled bus passes can be obtained from Cornwall Council.

Once completed, you will need to take you Application Form and ID to the Library for processing.

I have just received my free Senior Citizen bus pass, how can I get more information on local bus routes?

The Town Council offices and any Library hold a supply of bus timetables that cover the whole of Cornwall.  Alternatively, you can find more information on the Citybus website.

I really need some help with a financial matter, who can I go to?

The Citizen’s Advice Bureau offers help in all matters, financial, legal, problems with neighbours, filling in forms etc.

For an appointment:

    • Text “CAB” to 82727
    • Telephone 08444 99 41 88

I have put my money in the machine but no ticket has been given?

Pay and Display car parks in the Town are owned by Cornwall Council.  Any problems with the machines should be reported to Cornwall Council Roads, Transport & Parking on 0300 1234 222.

My car was hit by another vehicle in the Town. Can I look at the CCTV footage to view this happening?

If an incident has occurred and you think it may have been caught on the cameras, report it to the Police on the 101 non emergency number (or 999 if it is an emergency).  The police will then come direct to the Town Council offices  to view the footage.

I want to bring my children to see a film in the Town Hall- how do I go about arranging this?

Children’s Film Shows are shown, usually, on the third Saturday of the month.  They are free of charge and are aimed at children under 12.  All films are U or PG rated.  Young children should be accompanied by their parents.  To find out what film is being shown, please contact the Town Council office on 01579 384039 or have a look on the website.

Where can I see a film more appropriate for adults?

Callington Arts Venue (CAVe) holds films for older people every other Thursday in the Council Chamber.  These are free of charge but you can offer a retiring donation if you wish.  For more information on what film is being shown, have a look on the website or contact the Town Council offices.

I am unemployed and am having difficulties in providing food for my family, is there any help available?

Callington has a Foodbank available to anyone who is finding it difficult to make ends meet or is having difficulty getting out of the house.  The Foodbank is open on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 2pm-4pm and is located behind the Mustard Seed Church on Launceston Road, opposite the Coachmakers Inn.  Alternatively, you can call them on 01579 389576

I have a large garden - where can dispose of my grass cuttings etc?

Cornwall Council have garden waste collections once a month.  To sign onto the scheme you will need to purchase a garden waste bin (wheelie bin) and a permit.  Call Cornwall Council Refuse & Recycling on 0300 1234 141.  If you are able to drive, you can take your grass cuttings and any other household waste items to Saltash Waste and Recycling Centre at Unit 2, Tamar View Industrial Estate, Saltash, Cornwall  PL12 6UA .  Some people who regularly have rubbish to dispose of may need to obtain a permit to use this centre.  For more information on this have a look on the Cornwall Council website.

Are letters written to the Council read by Councillors?

All correspondence that comes into the Town Council either by mail or email is dealt with as soon as possible.  Personal letters addressed to individual Councillors are scanned and emailed to them.  Where possible, a response is sent out immediately.  Some situations may require the Committee to meet before a response can be given.

I have just moved to Callington, is there a Library here?

Yes, the Library is located on Coronation Road adjacent to the Community College.  For their opening hours and more information on what they have to offer please have a look on the Cornwall Council website.

I am holding a Community Event in the Town and would like to know where I can put up a poster?

Callington Town Council have three notice boards within the Town.  To advertise a Community Event you can place posters on thenotice board at the end of the Town Hall building beside the telephone box.  Please hand all posters in to the Town Council officers and staff will make sure your poster is placed in the notice boards.

Does Callington have any Public Conveniences and where are they located?

Yes, the Public Conveniences are located in New Road opposite the Town Hall Building.  The Town Council has taken over ownership from Cornwall Council and are responsible for their maintenance and cleaning.  They are locked every evening and re-opened, usually  by 7.30am the next morning.  They are kept closed on Sundays.  Alternative facilities can be found at the Co-Op in New Road and Tesco on Tavistock Road.

Please note, from January 2021, the Public Conveniences are undergoing a major refurbishment and will be closed for a number of weeks.  Please seek alternative arrangements during this period.

The new design will provide individual unisex toilets which are all disabled friendly with the addition of a Changing Places facility. Changing Places toilets provide the necessary equipment for people with profound and multiple learning difficulties as well as people with physical disabilities such as spinal injuries, muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis who often need extra equipment and space to allow them to use a toilet safely and comfortably. Each Changing Places toilet will provide a height adjustable adult sized changing bench, a tracking hoist system, or mobile hoist. Adequate space in the changing area for disabled people as well as up to two carers, a centrally placed toilet with room either side and a screen or curtain to allow for privacy.

Someone has taken my recycling bags and box, where can I get replacements?

I have lost track of household refuse/recycling/garden schedules, how can I find out when they are?

Contact Cornwall Council Refuse and Recycling on 0300 1234 141 or go onto the Cornwall Council website where you can enter your postcode and it will give you all your collection dates.

The street light outside my house does not work, how can I report this?

Cornwall Council maintain all street lights.  To report a fault go onto the Cornwall Council website and click on the ‘Report It’ icon.  You can also report the fault to any One Stop Shop.  If you can obtain the number of the particular street light (located on the post) this will speed up the process.

Why don’t you sweep up the cuttings after mowing?

If we did this we would need extra staff and it would cost more. As we cut most areas regularly the grass does not grow very long, so leaving the cuttings doesn’t usually cause problems.

Why don’t you use mowers that collect the grass?

Mowers that collect cuttings cost more to buy and run and are slower. They are normally only used on formal park areas, cricket squares or bowling greens. The grass collection boxes need regular emptying so it would cost a lot more to collect and transport the cuttings.

Why don’t you mow the bulb foliage after they have finished flowering?

It‘s good practice not to cut down the foliage of faded flowering bulbs. They should be left for around six weeks after flowering. This allows them to produce new bulbs the following year. We mow around the bulb areas until they have died back, usually around the middle of June.

Do you clear up litter before cutting the grass?

Unfortunately, we are on a very tight cutting schedule and do not have the time to litter pick before we cut the grass.

Why do you cut the grass in the rain?

We have a lot of grass to cut and a very tight schedule. Unless conditions are very bad we cut the grass in all weathers. Grass is very resilient and quickly recovers from minor smearing or surface damage.