First steps to bid for funding to help revitalise the Town

Over recent months, Callington Town Council has been deliberating over whether to apply for Town Vitality Funding available from Cornwall Council, which aims to improve the economic, social and environmental issues of our Town Centres.  On first consideration it was feared that taxpayers money would just fund a ‘talking shop’  and might be a futile exercise if nothing concrete could be carried out, as sadly some feasibility studies are unable to get off the ground, ultimately draining moral and financial resources.

However, as a time extension has recently been given to submit a bid to Cornwall Council, we are delighted to announce that Town Councillors felt the need to further scrutinise the funding criteria and agreed to revisit this again, given the latest Government announcements to support Town Centres post the pandemic. At the  Full Council meeting this week, Councillors also heard from ‘One Callington/Community Interest Company’ on the importance of applying to the fund in an effort to improve Callington for our businesses and residents.

A budget has been agreed to write the initial bid that will allow the Town Council to proceed with an application to the Town Vitality Fund.

As part of this process, and in order to have a successful application, we very much need to demonstrate a connection between businesses and our various community groups, and invite anyone to come forward with thoughts and ideas to feed into a ‘Town Team’.  The Town Council will be the accountable body but will create a ‘Town Team’ to bring this exciting project alive.  The ‘Town Team’ needs to be a combination of Town Council, businesses and community members.

If you would like to contribute your thoughts and ideas to this, please do email us on 

After the year we have had let’s look forward to a bright future; one where we can pull together and truly demonstrate what community spirit we have in our Town.



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