Gunnislake Bridge closure

Message from Cormac:

‘An RTA at Gunnislake has resulted in a closure of the A390 with a diversion route in place via Greystone Bridge & Callington. Unfortunately due to the damage caused to the bridge, we anticipate that this closure will be in place for some time. Further information will be available from Devon County Council once the bridge has been fully assessed by their Structural Engineers.

We appreciate that our overnight closure on the A388 through St Mellion is going to put an increased strain on traffic in the area and are putting measures in to place to get the resurfacing completed as soon as possible.

Additional traffic marshals will be stationed at either end of the closure on the A388 to assist road users who will still be able to access as far as St Mellion.

I have attached copies of both diversion routes.’


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  1. Brian Collins
    Brian Collins says:

    Than you for the information, very helpful. Who is now responsible for the cost of repairs?
    Secondly is there not a possibility that the collapsed wall in the same road, could be rebuilt at the same time to avoid further disruption at a later date?

    • Jo Taylor
      Jo Taylor says:

      Thank you for you comments Brian. Gunnislake does not come under the jurisdiction of Callington Town Council and therefore we do not have the answers to you questions. It has its own Parish Council, Calstock Parish Council, and Cornwall Council is responsible for the highways etc including the bridge, although I believe Devon County Council has joint responsibility for the bridge. If you would like your queries answered we suggest that you contact Cornwall Council at the link below.

      Kind regards

  2. Brian Collins
    Brian Collins says:

    Thanks Jo,
    I reckon you did a good job of replying, with only one good hand.
    I contacted via the link provided. It’s not Cornwall doing the repair but Devon.

  3. Sonia
    Sonia says:

    With the diversion that myself and many others have to do re the gunnislake bridge being shut . The road between launston and Milton abbot , there’s a bridge there with traffic lights . Could gunnislake not have this re to the accident that recently happened, causing a lot of people inconvenience and a lot in petrol . I feel that having lights may just work as the other one seems to work fine .

  4. Brian Collins
    Brian Collins says:

    Hi Jo,
    This is a reply to my query from Cormac. It is quite long but explains their process. If you feel it’s too long please edit or delete it.

    I have set out below content of the explanatory email that was sent out yesterday to key local stakeholders and nearby residents who had provided their email addresses. Following this and much like yourself, I’ve received quite a number of responses, asking why we can’t do the work at the same time as the bridge is being repaired, as the road is already closed, so I’ve hopefully answer that below.

    Good morning everyone
    We are writing to let you know that the above repair work is due to commence at the end of this month. Following the emergency closure carried out in August of last year and the feedback we received from local residents and businesses, the permanent rock stabilisation work has been designed specifically so that the road will largely be kept open throughout the programme. This has made the duration longer, but with less disruption to the travelling public.

    Week commencing 22nd April, we will be on site and begin building the scaffolding within the existing lane closure and traffic management. The following week the drilling rig will be mobilised to site and we will begin drilling in to the slope. This can be a noisy process, however the majority of the work will be carried out during the daytime and every effort will be made to keep disturbance to a minimum.

    Next, rows of soil nails (up to ten metres in length) will be installed in to the slope and cement-grouted in place. Commencing Monday 3rd June, the road will need to be closed for up to two weeks, so that the concrete blocks can be removed and the bottom row of soil nails installed.

    Following this and with the road re-opened under priority lane traffic management, stabilising, geotechnical, mesh and netting will be fixed and bolted in place with flat, metal plates. Finally the retaining wall itself will be reconstructed and landscaping done, before the site is demobilised at around the end of July.

    The programme and method of work have been designed around keeping the road open as much as possible. However for the plant and equipment needed, this is a small operating space. If any safety concerns arise, or if delivery of materials require it, then temporary closures will need to be put in place. Please be assured that this will be avoided as much as possible, but the safety of our workforce and the general public is of greatest importance.

    Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience you may experience. We understand that this may cause disruption to those living in the vicinity and appreciate your patience and understanding whilst we carry out this essential work. If you have any queries or concerns, or would like to speak to someone about this, please call 0300 1234 222, email us at or visit

    Last August when the road was closed for three days, for the emergency stabilisation of the retaining wall, we received quite of lot of feedback from local residents and road users who were unhappy that the road had been closed. Following this, a programme and method of repair was designed specifically around keeping the road open as much as possible, minimising the disruption. The machinery that would normally have been used is a large 13t plus excavator, with a drilling arm attached. This would be much quicker, but the road would have had to be closed for the whole duration, since pedestrians and vehicles could not safely pass by.

    It was announced earlier this week, that Devon County Council need to keep the road closed for their bridge repairs for two weeks. Though it might appear advantageous for us to switch the method of work to the larger plant and work on a closed road, at such short notice (and with our start date on 22nd) we cannot obtain the specialist resources, mobilise to site and carry out the drilling in time to utilise their closure. I appreciate this is frustrating for residents and those who use the road regularly, but please be assured that we do not wish to disrupt them and will be pulling out all the stops to get the repairs done as quickly as possible. However our start date and method of work must remain as originally planned.

    I hope this gives you the information you need Mr Collins. Please feel free to come back to me if you have any further questions.

    Kind regards.

    Lindsay OpieL


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