Mural Competition – Artists Wanted (Professional or Amateur)

Callington Town Council is holding an art competition to create three murals to be installed on the wall above Lloyds Pharmacy in New Road, opposite Bradleys Estate Agents. The initial creations will be completed on an A4 sheet of paper with the winning entries to be created, by the winning artists, on three marine plywood boards (1701.8mm x 1219.2mm x 12mm). The mural boards will stay up for one year so they must be made weather-proof.  £60, for each board, will be given to the winning artist to pay for materials

This competition will be run annually.

Entries close on 2nd April 2020. Entries will be judged by a panel chaired by the Mayor Portreeve. The winning mural must be completed and ready to erect on the wall by 15th May in time for Mayfest on 16th May 2020. A ‘Callington’ theme is preferred but not vital!

If you would like to enter the competition, please design your entry on an A4 portrait sheet of paper (same ratio as the boards) with your name and contact details on the reverse and submit to Callington Town Council, Town Hall, New Road, Callington PL17 7BD addressed to Councillor Mike Tagg

Many thanks must go to:

Travis Perkins, Callington for the donation of the marine plywood boards
Trewartha, Gregory and Doidge, Callington for the donation of varnish to seal the sides and reverse of the boards
Prestige Professional Cleaning Services, Kelly Bray who will be cleaning the wall of the building prior to erection of the new mural, free of charge
East Cornwall Property Care, Callington who will be taking down the old boards and erecting the brand new mural, free of charge


We look forward to receiving your entries!

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