The Town Council has two significant areas available as recreational parkland.

Saltash RoadSaltash Road Recreation Ground

Located adjacent to Saltash Road. This recreation ground is within a three minute walk of the town centre and is used to host many of the towns events such as the Callington Gala Day.

Co-located is a free public car park making it ideal for visitors from other towns and parishes. 2010 has seen a number of changes happening within the park area to improve the play facilities and improve accessibility to these facilities.

The recreation ground also plays host to the travelling fairground (Jennings) and the travelling circus.

Should you wish to hire this recreation ground for a large event please contact the Town Hall (see left).

Launceston Road

Located adjacent to Launceston Road (between South Hill Road and Launceston Road).

Launceston Road Recreation GroundThis recreation ground is within easy reach of Kelly Bray and Callington. It has seen a number of major improvements over the past five years to the play facilities which also includes a full suite of fitness equipment suitable for all ages.

Please be considerate and do not park in the adjacent road (Glen View).

If you park in South Hill Road please do not block anyone’s access to their property and be careful as the verges are very soft (not owned by the Town Council).