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A new Callington Town Council sub-committee has been formed to allow the project to reinvigorate the Callington mural trail.

The remit of the sub-committee will be to work on behalf of Callington Town Council to fulfil the objectives as laid out below by applying for grant funding in order to work alongside professional artists to execute the necessary work.


 To make Callington a destination based on public works of art;

To engage the community with the murals;

To restore existing murals;

To replace existing murals;

To generate new murals.

The outline plan is to raise awareness of the intrinsic value of the murals; raise funds to support a small-scale mural competition; agree a mechanism for making grant applications; run the competition; carry out a visual review of the existing murals; identify lost murals and create a listing and categorise; scope the necessary work to save those murals which are salvable and investigate possible funding sources to carry out the restoration of murals and complete the work.

Once the first part of the project is complete, it is intended to then apply for funding to generate new murals and launch a new project, which might include aspects of artwork other than murals.

The Committee is looking for anyone within the community who would be interested in joining in this exciting project. You need not have any artistic flair yourself, just the desire to help see the regeneration of the Mural Trail. The first meeting will be held in Callington Town Hall on Monday 6th November at 7.00pm. For further information, please contact Rick Lumley on 01579 382705 or by email (







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