Grass Cutting & Maintenance

Callington Town Council is responsible for the maintenance and the cutting of the grass at the following locations:

  • Cemetery at Liskeard Road
  • Saltash Road Recreational ground
  • Launceston Road Park
  • Rosemullion Park
  • Tamar Close Park
  • Village Collection Parks
  • Primary School
  • Rural footpaths


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Weed Spraying

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There are, nevertheless, some circumstances where we are leaving the grass to grow, for example:

  • Biodiversity: longer grass helps to increase biodiversity and helps nature to thrive. In some of the parks and open spaces where the grass is not used for sport and recreation, areas will be left to grow long over the summer to benefit wildlife such as bees and butterflies. Often the teams will regularly mow paths through these areas so they can be enjoyed by local residents. At the end of the summer these areas will be trimmed and the cuttings collected to ensure they do not become overgrown and the biodiversity and wildflowers improve year on year.
  • Trees: In some areas the grass under the tree canopy has been left longer. This is to improve tree health and longevity (leaving the area longer helps retain the health of our trees and reduce compaction under the tree root zone, and reduces bark damage from strimmers and mowers. In many areas grass is being left longer around the bases of trees to avoid damage to the roots by the weight and cutting deck of the mower but to also help support the bee lines.