Town Councillor Vacancy

Town Councillor Vacancy

We currently have a vacancy for a Town Councillor, details of the application process and important dates are shown on the Notice of Vacancy below.

If you are passionate about where you live and would like to represent the local community then why not become a Town Councillor?  You do not need to be a member of a political party, we need all different types of people from all different types of background so that the Town Council reflects the community it serves.  So whatever your age, background or skills you could be the perfect person, you just need some time, enthusiasm and commitment.

What’s involved?

The Town Council meets three times a month on a  Tuesday evening at 6.30pm  in the Council Chamber within the Town Hall complex.  The first Tuesday of the month is usually a Planning meeting followed by our Town Hall and Premises meeting.  The third Tuesday is another Planning meeting followed by our Outside Services Committee meeting.  On the fourth Tuesday of the month our Finance and General Purposes meeting takes place followed by the Town Council’s Full Council meeting.

There may be additional work dependant on the projects you become involved with.  Training in all aspects of being a Town Councillor is available.  The role of a Town Councillor is entirely voluntary and Councillors are not paid for being part of the Town Council.

If you are interested, please follow the application process within the document below.

Notice of Vacancy

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  1. Stephanie Molyneux
    Stephanie Molyneux says:

    I would like to apply for the position of Town Councillor.

    Please advise me of the application process and send me an application form if applicable

    • Jo Taylor
      Jo Taylor says:

      Dear Stephanie

      Really pleased to receive your message about being on the council, great news.

      When a vacancy comes up we have to give residents the option to call an election, if they wish. This is the first stage of the process.

      Cornwall Council administers the elections and the recent notice on our website is prescribed by them – and anyone wishing to call an election must write to the Return Officer of Cornwall Council by the 4th December. If 10 or more residents ask for an election – Cornwall Council will call for nominations and go through the election process, and residents vote (which would need to be done by 60 days – so approx. around February time).

      If less than 10 people call/ask for an election we then move on to the next stage – whereby the Town Council can co-opt. With a co-option anyone wishing to stand as a councillor writes to the Town Council and the Town Councillors interview potential candidates.

      At this stage you can either write to Cornwall Council to request an election (and go through the election process if 10 or more request this) or alternatively put in a letter if we go down the co-option route after the 5th December.

      Please feel free to give me a ring to discuss this further 01579 384039 or pop in to the office.

      Helen Dowdall
      Town Clerk


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