Deep Digital Cornwall Airborne Survey

February 16th 2023

We would like to inform you that the Deep Digital Cornwall, at University of Exeter’s Camborne School of Mines (CSM), are coordinating airborne electromagnetic (AEM) survey over Cornwall, covering around 100km2 in two small areas near United Downs and the Redmoor project, near Callington

The survey will see a state-of -the-art sensor towed beneath a helicopter, to measure the natural electrical conductivity of the Earth’s surface and subsurface, to help reveal the composition of soils and rocks, as well as the location of subsurface water.

The airborne survey will improve the understanding of Cornwall’s geology including mapping of the granite underground, regional fault systems and location of mineralisation of potential economic interest. It will help inform exploration for minerals, geothermal energy as well as hydrogeology and ground water management.

The survey, operated by New Resolution Geophysics (NRG), will fly at about 80 metres over the ground, rising to 240 metres when over more built-up areas, subject to Civil Aviation Authority requirements. Due to the nature of this survey, efforts have been made to engage with stakeholders that may be affected such as those living in close proximity to the survey area and horse owners/riders near the area as well as through Parish Councils.

The survey is expected to start flying in the United Downs area on Monday, February 13th, and then will move to the Redmoor project area near Callington. It may continue for up to two weeks depending on weather conditions.

The new data, which complements previous surveys in the area, including the Tellus South West project, will be made publicly available for further research via the Deep Digital Cornwall hub.

The data are being collected in collaboration with project delivery partners, Cornish Lithium and Cornwall Resources

The Deep Digital Cornwall team will be posting further information including maps of the survey area and updates on survey times on the project website.

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