25th June 2024 0730 – 1800 hrs Frogwell Road Closure

June 10th 2024

Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 S.14: Temporary Prohibition of Traffic

The below Road(s) will be temporarily closed to allow works to be completed on the highway.

If you have any queries regarding these works please contact the Utility direct on the number below.  Any responses to this email received by Street Works will be forwarded to the Utility for them to respond.

Please note that this is only an Intention Notice and as of yet an Order has not been issued.

Please respond with any feedback within fourteen days from the date of this e-mail.

Location:         Frogwell Road, Callington

Timing:            25th June 2024 to 25th June 2024 (07:30 to 18:00 hours)

Contact:          National Grid – Tel: 0800 0963 080.

Please click the following link for a map: https://one.network/?tm=138280356

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