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About Callington Festival Week

Callington Festival Week was introduced in 2009 and met with such success that it is now a firm fixture in Callington’s social calendar. The intention is to help this blossom and bring a wide range of activities to the streets of Callington, some home-grown and some brought to you by visiting groups and individuals.

Each Festival Week so far has been a tremendous success and, thanks to the support of sponsors and the generosity of the people of Callington, a magnificent total of over £10,000 has been collected and dispersed each year to a range of needy causes, both at local level and further afield.

It is our aim to build upon this and to provide activities and events which are suited to all tastes and all ages, covering, amongst other things, the fields of music, art, dance and sport.

All the organisations and individuals involved want to bring back fun and energy to the streets of Callington. We wish to rekindle the sense of community, provide a sense of belonging and reintroduce the idea of tradition and heritage to the yearly calendar.

To get a flavour of what has happened in past Festival Weeks and to discover what is on the menu this year, visit this external website.