Memorial Safety Inspection

Callington Town Council has scheduled a memorial inspection in Liskeard Road Cemetery:

DURING SPRING 2024 there will be ongoing safety inspections (Weather Permitting)

The inspection will involve testing the stability of all memorials.   The cemetery will remain open during the inspection which will be carried out as discreetly as possible by our qualified personnel. We will be banding the memorials that are unsafe and making contact with the owner to rectify any issues.

The Town Council understands the significance that memorials hold for family members and that it can be upsetting to see work being carried out on a memorial to a loved one; a list of frequently asked questions has been prepared below to help answer any questions or concerns families may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is responsible for keeping memorials in a safe condition?
Memorials are the responsibility of the owner/s of the Exclusive Right of Burial and they have a duty to keep the memorial repaired and in a safe condition.


Why is a memorial inspection needed?
The Town Council has a responsibility under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 to ensure that risks within the cemetery are properly managed.   As a result, the Health and Safety Executive requires regular safety inspections and stability testing to be carried out on memorials in Liskeard Road Cemetery.

       What do the inspections involve?

  • Each headstone will have a visual inspection to assess its condition.
  • A hand test will then be conducted to check that the memorial is not in any immediate danger of falling (memorials under 1.5m in height)

What happens if my memorial fails the inspection?
Memorials that fail the inspection are considered to be an immediate danger to the public and immediate action will be taken to reduce or eliminate the identified risk.  Depending on the danger and the size of the memorial a qualified personnel will install a stake and band to prevent the memorial falling over or lay the memorial (or part thereof) flat.  Only where it is deemed strictly necessary will access to the memorial be cordoned off.


How will I know if my memorial has failed the inspection?
The Town Council’s immediate priority is to make sure that Liskeard Road Cemetery is safe for the public.  Memorials that fail the inspection will have a notice attached to them and the Town Council will write to the owner/s of the Exclusive Right of Burial, where contact information is up to date. Please read the failure letter carefully as it will explain the reasons your memorial has failed and the steps necessary to reinstate your memorial to the required standard and the timescale for doing so.

If you have not been written to it may be because we do not have your most up to date contact details.  To update your contact details please complete a Change of Details form and return it to the Council Offices.  To download a copy of the form; please click this link

Can I repair the memorial myself?
For your own safety as well as that of others, all works to memorials in Liskeard Road Cemetery, including repairs and removals, must be undertaken by a BRAMM or NAMM qualified stonemason who must also have relevant public liability insurance.  They will also need to submit a memorial application form for approval before works commence.


How much will the repairs cost to bring the memorial up to the required standard?
All memorials are required to meet current national standards set by the Ministry of Justice and British Standards.  Each memorial is unique and could require different repairs.  You will need to contact a stonemason to quote for these works.  The Town Council recommends that all memorials within Liskeard Road Cemetery are insured against all risks.  If you have insurance cover for your memorial, please check with your stonemason or insurer to find out if repair work is covered.


What happens if I am not the owner of the Exclusive Right of Burial?
You will need to contact the owner of the Exclusive Right of Burial for information regarding the memorial’s repair.  Provided that you obtain their signed permission on the relevant memorial application form, you can arrange for the memorial’s repair.    If you need to discuss transferring the ownership of an EROB, please contact the Council Offices.


What has Callington Town Council done to inform visitors and owners of the memorial inspection?
Notices have been placed in the cemetery, at various locations throughout the cemetery, and on the Town Council’s website, social media pages and noticeboards.


Will my memorial be subject to further tests in the future?
Yes, similar tests will be conducted at regular intervals in the future, at least every five years.   It is recommended that memorials are insured and that they are regularly and professionally checked and maintained by your stonemason to ensure they are safe.


 Where can I get further information?
Full details of The Liskeard Road Cemetery Memorial Management Policy can be viewed here: Memorial Inspection Policy v.1 2024

If you require any further information, or would like to discuss a specific memorial, please speak to a member of our team at the Council Offices –Telephone: 01579 384039



Visit: Callington Town Council, Callington Town Hall, Callington, Cornwall. PL17 7BE (recep hours – weekdays between 9am and 2pm)


Civic Cemetery

The Civic Cemetery is owned and maintained by the Callington Town Council and currently contains over 4000 interments.  For all enquiries or to reserve a plot, please contact the Town Council offices on 01579 384039

Callington is one of the very few towns (or parish) in Cornwall to be a Burial Authority (i.e. has control over its own Cemetery). Callington’s Cemetery is located on Liskeard Road which has fantastic views over Caradon and Kit Hill, it also has its own Chapel which was fully refurbished in 2007 thanks to substantial grant funding.  Callington Heritage Centre and the Town Band both enjoy rent-free accommodation within the Chapel but it is available for private funeral ceremonies.

The Cemetery was opened in 1874, originally residents were either buried in the consecrated section if Church of England or the un-consecrated section if Non Conformist. Today there is no such division.

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