Re-opening of Play Parks

July 03rd 2020

In line with Government guidance we are now in a position to reopen the play parks  as from Saturday 4th July, from 10.00am.

Staff will be removing the tapes and putting up signage on Saturday morning, please allow them time to do this and not arrive before 10.00am.

Whilst the Covid-19 alert level remains in place, you should observe the following requirements, and help us minimise the risks of transmission.

All visitors should wash or sanitise their hands before entering the play area, and again on leaving.  Bring your own sanitiser or wipes with you if you can.

Children should be supervised carefully to maintain good hygiene, please ensure children wait their turn to use equipment where it is safe to do so.

Please take all of your PPE and litter home with you.

X   Please do not enter this facility if you, or anyone in your household, are showing symptoms or are self-isolating

X   Please do not enter if the facility appears busy, and avoid equipment if already occupied

X   If possible ensure that all visitors avoid shouting, touching faces or mouths and observe social distancing rules from anyone outside of            their household or support bubble

X   Do not eat food or smoke in the play area

X   Please remember that the Covid-19 virus can survive longer on internal hard surfaces so if possible,  entering tube slides, play tunnels or          small playhouses should be avoided.

To help us maintain this facility in a safe and useable condition during these extraordinary times, please tell us about any safety issues or defects:

   Email:       Tel:   01579 384039