Youth Grant Application Form

Do not complete the application form below until you have read the Youth Grant Policy and believe that you comply with it. By making the application you are giving consent for the information to be shared with Councillors and the public.

If you wish to complete a paper version you can download this here, complete and return to the Council at The Town Hall New Road Callington PL17 7BD,

Youth Grant Awarding Policy

Our values

  • we welcome and encourage participation
  • we are proud of Callington and optimistic about its future
  • we are here to serve the whole community, especially those in most need
  • we co-operate with others to achieve our goals
  • we focus on getting things done

Introduction to Policy

A youth grant is any payment made by the Council to be used by an organisation for a specific purpose that will benefit the youth of our Parish. The Council awards grants, at its discretion, to Parish youth organisations which can demonstrate a clear need for financial support to benefit the youth of the Parish by:

  • providing a service
  • enhancing the quality of life
  • improving recreation and/or sports

Callington Town Council is funded by the residents of the parish of Callington/Kelly Bray and therefore, has limited resources. The Council is committed to supporting and helping local community groups improve the quality of life for Callington/Kelly Bray youths and does this by providing grants. The Council’s grants award policy aims to ensure that all grant applications are treated equally, grants awarded provide value for money and that all awards are within the legal powers of the Council.


Grants will be awarded based on the following principles:

  • Assistance will be given on the basis of need, merit and contribution to the youth of the community
  • Grants will only be given to non-profit making organisations
  • An individual may not receive a grant, although a club or association can apply
  • Applications are welcomed from community groups, social enterprises, trusts and charities
  • Should the project be appropriate the Town Council would encourage applicants to seek the support of other grant bodies including from those outside of the town. This will help bring a maximum amount of external investment into the town
  • Should the grant fund the purchase of an asset or service, which could be used by other community groups when not required, the applicant is encouraged to share the benefit
  • Applicants must clearly show how the grant will benefit the youth living in the Callington/Kelly Bray parish
  • Any grant awarded may be subject to ongoing monitoring and evaluation
  • Promotes moral, physical, educational and religious improvement
  • Youth organisations should not make a presumption that funding will continue on a year to year basis

The Process

To apply for a grant you must be a charity, community group or local voluntary organisation operating or providing a service to the youth communities in the Callington/Kelly Bray parish.

  • All funding requests must be made using Callington Town Council’s grant application form
  • All application forms must be fully completed and signed. Regrettably the Council will be unable to consider incomplete or unsigned applications.
  • All applications must also include your last set of annual accounts. Should you not be able to provide this information, you will need to tell us why.

All applications will be scrutinised by the Youth Steering Group and will only be put forward to the Full Council for consideration upon their endorsement. The Full Council meets every month (except in August) and applications will need to be received ten days in advance of a meeting in order to be included on the agenda.

Paper copies of the Youth Grant application form and a schedule of the Committee meeting dates are also available from the Council offices: The Town Hall, New Road Callington PL17 7BD

Callington Town Council uses the following criteria to decide on grant applications:

  • Adherence to the grants policy process;
  • Evidence of match-funding;
  • Level of benefit to the youth parish of Callington/Kelly Bray;
  • The difference the project will make to the lives of the youth of Callington/Kelly Bray.
  • Evidence of a well-managed group, including previous experience;
  • Financial viability and sustainability of the project;
  • Evidence that funding has been sought from other sources, including your own fund raising;

The Council reserves the right to award less than the amount requested or to reject an application.

Callington Town Council will not fund the following:

  • Organisations that do not provide a service to the youth in the Callington/Kelly Bray parish
  • Individuals
  • General appeals
  • Statutory organisations or the direct replacement of statutory funding
  • Political groups or activities promoting political beliefs
  • Retrospective projects that have already started or taken place before an application is decided
  • Normal repairs or maintenance
  • Normal operating costs of an organisation eg. wages, rents, stock etc
  • Organisations which have received a grant from Callington Town Council within the current financial year
  • Organisations that have a closed or restricted membership.
  • Repayment of loans or cost of services, equipment or provisions in anticipation of a grant.

Awards will be at the discretion of the Council and all decisions are final.

Once a decision has been made, you will be notified by letter within 21 working days. A cheque or BACS payment will also be sent at this time if your application has been successful.

Monitoring and reporting requirements

All successful applicants will be expected to provide written evidence of how the money has been spent and the benefit it has brought to people living in the parish. This information should be provided within one month of the end of an event/project or by the 1st March each year so that it can be reported at the Annual Town Meeting.

Grant conditions

All Youth grants awarded by Callington Town Council are subject to the following conditions:

  • The grant can only be used for the purpose stated in the application and the Council reserves the right to reclaim any grant not being used for that specified purpose.
  • Organisations are responsible for ensuring they are in compliance with all legal and statutory requirements.
  • The Council may ask for all or part of the monies to be paid back in the event of the project not being completed. (12 months)
  • Organisations must have a bank account into which grants can be paid; payments cannot be made to private individuals.
  • Only one application per Callington Town Council financial year will be accepted from any organisation.

Callington Town Council may also attach additional grant conditions to funding which will be set out in the award confirmation letter.

Failure to comply with any conditions attached to a grant may result in the grant being repaid or affect future grant assistance.

All applications will be scrutinized by the Youth Steering group and will only be put forward for consideration upon their endorsement