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Mining Updates

The Council recognises the interest, opportunities, questions and concerns this program has generated in the local community and along with our e-newsletter, information will be posted on this page.  Meeting Minutes & related documents related to this project will be also be available here as downloadable pdfs over the coming months.

Mining Update 14th February 2019

Mining Update 23rd January 2019

Mining Update September 2018

Mining Update August 2018

Mining Update May 2018

Public Display – May 2018

Public Meeting 16th February 2017

Full Council Meeting 28th February 2017

Cornwall Resources Ltd Contact

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this project, Mr Harrison’s contact details are:

Jeff Harrison
Home: 01752 847109
Mobile: 07403568770
Address: Tor Linhay Barn, Tor Hill, Saltash, Cornwall, PL12 4QG, UK

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Mining News Update

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Mining News Update

Redmoor Drilling Program Ends the Year On A High

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Mining News Update

CRL Exploration Drilling Update (20th Sept)

ASX Release 20th September 2018: New Age Exploration (“NAE”…