Elections 6th May 2021 – Notice Statement of Persons Nominated

Please find below the Notices received from Cornwall Council concerning the forthcoming elections.

For Callington Town Council, we have twelve seats for the Parish of Callington and Kelly Bray and have received ten nominations for these seats, therefore an election is not required and all ten take office in May.

For Cornwall Council, there are three nominations for the one seat for the Callington and St Dominic ward, so there will be an election.

And finally, for the Police and Crime Commissioner, there are four nominations for the one seat so, again, there will be an election.

On 6th May, you will be voting for your Cornwall Councillor and the Police and Crime Commissioner post only.

Notice Statement of Persons Nominated

Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish meeting will take place on Tuesday 27th April at 7.00pm.

This will be a virtual meeting via ZOOM, to get involved please see the instructions below:

Any member of the public wishing to join the zoom meeting can email webmaster@callington-tc.gov.uk for joining instructions.

Alternatively, the public can view the live streaming meeting on YouTube, by following this link;





Telephone Line – Thursday 25th March 2021

We have been notified by Western Power Distribution that they will be temporarily cutting the power to the Town Hall facilities tomorrow,  Thursday 25th March 2021,  during working hours.  This will affect  our telephone system so please be aware that we will not be able to take any calls during this period.  Staff will still be able to access emails whilst working from home so if you do need to contact us please email enquiries@callington-tc.gov.uk.

The telephone system should be up and running on Friday 26th March.


Thank you for your co-operation.

First steps to bid for funding to help revitalise the Town

Over recent months, Callington Town Council has been deliberating over whether to apply for Town Vitality Funding available from Cornwall Council, https://www.cornwall.gov.uk/business/economic-development/town-centre-revitalisation-fund/ which aims to improve the economic, social and environmental issues of our Town Centres.  On first consideration it was feared that taxpayers money would just fund a ‘talking shop’  and might be a futile exercise if nothing concrete could be carried out, as sadly some feasibility studies are unable to get off the ground, ultimately draining moral and financial resources.

However, as a time extension has recently been given to submit a bid to Cornwall Council, we are delighted to announce that Town Councillors felt the need to further scrutinise the funding criteria and agreed to revisit this again, given the latest Government announcements to support Town Centres post the pandemic. At the  Full Council meeting this week, Councillors also heard from ‘One Callington/Community Interest Company’ on the importance of applying to the fund in an effort to improve Callington for our businesses and residents.

A budget has been agreed to write the initial bid that will allow the Town Council to proceed with an application to the Town Vitality Fund.

As part of this process, and in order to have a successful application, we very much need to demonstrate a connection between businesses and our various community groups, and invite anyone to come forward with thoughts and ideas to feed into a ‘Town Team’.  The Town Council will be the accountable body but will create a ‘Town Team’ to bring this exciting project alive.  The ‘Town Team’ needs to be a combination of Town Council, businesses and community members.

If you would like to contribute your thoughts and ideas to this, please do email us on


After the year we have had let’s look forward to a bright future; one where we can pull together and truly demonstrate what community spirit we have in our Town.



The Rise in Your Council Tax Bill

As explained in our February Newsletter, this week the Council Tax bills have started coming through you letter box and you will notice a change in your direct debit to Cornwall Council for the new financial year.


There is understandably much interest over this matter, so we thought it would help to reiterate where your money goes and how much actually comes to the Town Council.  The average property in Callington (Band D) will be paying £2,139.39 to Cornwall Council for 2021/2022.


The £2,139.39 is collected by Cornwall Council and of that £235.57 will be coming to Callington Town Council (so 11% of your bill will actually come to Callington Town Council).

The breakdown of your bill is shown below:


Average Council Tax Bill for a Band D 2021/22 in Callington


Proportion of the overall bill Increase from the various year
Cornwall Council (inc. Fire & Social Care) £1,667.26 78% £79.24
Devon & Cornwall Police £236.56 11% £14.92
Callington Town Council £235.57 11% £23.62
  £2,139.39 100% £117.78

When you look at your bills for the coming year, you will notice the percentage increase for each element but let’s quantify this in monetary terms to get a clearer picture:


Average Council Tax Bill for a Band D 2021/22


Council Tax 2020/2021 Council Tax 2021/2022 Increase on Each Element Increase from the various year Overall Increase
Cornwall Council (inc. Fire & Social Care) £1,588.02 £1,667.26 4.99% £79.24 3.9%
Devon & Cornwall Police £221.64 £236.56 6.7% £14.92 0.7%
Callington Town Council £211.95 £235.57 11.2% £23.62 1.2%
  £2,021.61 £2,139.39   £117.78 5.8%

Many people have expressed a concern that their Council Tax bill will increase by 11.2% but that is only for the Callington Town Council element NOT the overall bill.  And whilst we have increased our share of the bill this equates to £23.62 of the overall £117.78 increase for the year. The Town Council actually receive the lowest share of the Council Tax bill (£235.57 of the £2,139.39).

Using percentages can often be confusing because a rise of 1% from Cornwall Council element on your bill would give £15.88 whereas a 1% rise from the Town Council element would only give £2.12 on the average Band D property in Callington.  The Town Council has increased its share of the Council Tax bill by 11.2% but given that it is the smallest element, this actually equates to 1.2% of the overall 5.8% rise.

 What has the increase paid for?

Over the last few months Town Councillors have been making difficult decisions about how to balance the budgets next year without losing any of our services, which has been compounded with the long term impact of the COVID Pandemic being  taken into consideration.  The Town Council is extremely keen to retain services wherever possible and lobby Cornwall Council to do the same.

The budget was agreed and next year the Band D part of your Council Tax bill that comes to Callington Town Council will increase from £211.95  per year to £235.57, an increase of £23.62 for the year (less than £2 per month)

And what does that extra £2 cover you will ask….

1. We have had to reset the income projections for the Town Hall bookings due to COVID-19. Arguably, we could have just simply increased the charges to hirers to cover our shortfall in income but, as we understand what an important asset this hall is to our community**, we need to keep the fees at a level that allow our community groups, multi-agencies and event planners to still find us an affordable option once they can return to the ‘new- normal’. To simply increase the charges would be short-sighted and could result in lost services and events in our community.

**(We pride ourselves on being a very useable facility that supports a cross section of our community, ranging from classes for our primary aged children through to lunches for our more mature residents. Keep fit classes are held every week day and most evenings we have a community group holding a meeting, without mentioning bookings such as the flu clinics and diabetic eye screening with the NHS.)

2. We have also had to reset the income projections for the Pannier Market, based on the same principle as point 1, by keeping our rates to an affordable level for existing and new tenants.

3. As an employer, we need to adhere to any rises in pay scales agreed by the Government, likewise any changes in National Insurance and Pension Contributions. These rates are not determined by the Town Council but nationally.

4. We also face the same rises in utility bills and business rates for all our premises such as the Town Hall, Public Toilets and FREE carpark. The public toilets and carpark generate no income to help balance the books, nor did they qualify for any rate rebates under the COVID schemes.

5. The importance of our play equipment, particularly whilst children have been home, has been heightened so Councillors have agreed to put a further £10,000 in the budget for play equipment. This will allow us to build up funds to enable us to enhance our play parks in the future. However, you will appreciate that we fall victim to vandalism on an ongoing basis, so all too often we are having to use funds to repair play equipment before we have an opportunity to save up to complete a full refurbishment.

We hope that by explaining why we have increased our share of the Council Tax this year by £23.62 you will appreciate that this is to retain many of our much valued services namely, the Town Hall, the Pannier Market, the general inflationary provisions (on staff costs, utilities and business rates) and play equipment.

Should you have any questions or concerns about the Town Council’s finances please contact the Clerk on clerk@callington-tc.gov.uk or leave a message on 01579 384039

We do appreciate our residents taking an active interest in our finances and anyone wishing to stand on the Town Council can collect a nomination pack for the elections on the 6th May 2021. For more information about the elections and how to stand please see the link below.








Parish and Town Elections

These elections will take place on Thursday 6th May 2021.  All seats on all of these councils in Cornwall are due for re-election.

For further information regarding the elections please follow the link to Cornwall Council’s website:


This link will provide details on the

  • Election Timetable
  • Information and nomination packs for those wishing to stand.  These became available just this week and will need to completed and returned by hand to a Cornwall Council
  • Working at the election
  • Are you registered to vote?
  • Different ways to vote

For further information about the Elections please contact Cornwall Council on 0300 1231 115 or email voter-registration@cornwall.gov.uk


Core samples

Cornwall Resources News Update – March 2021

The following progress has been made with the Redmoor Project;

1. On December 3rd 2020 Strategic Minerals the parent company of Cornwall Resources (CRL) announced it had raised £700,000 to support its USA operation and two projects in Cornwall, and South Australia.

2. On February 15th 2021 it was announced that CRL had been part of a group who had successfully received approval for their ‘Deep Digital Cornwall Project’. This was led by the University of Exeter’s Camborne School of Mines (CSM) in which CRL and Cornish Lithium are delivery partners. The funding has been awarded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the total project value is £4.1m. The key highlights are;

  • The Redmoor exploration licence area will be used as a field laboratory for collection of geochemical and geophysical data, which will also provide CRL with information relevant to a number of new projects within its mineral rights.
  • CRL is to receive up to £446,063 of grant funding for its part in the project from ERDF, in return for CRL contributing a further 20%.
  • CRL will benefit from access to international-level research and collaboration concerning the use of digital exploration data, through CSM.
  • It provides positive support for Cornwall and its natural resources sector.

3. On February 23rd 2021 it was announced that CRL is to carry out an exploration program focusing on tin and copper in the Redmoor West area. CRL plans to implement a low-cost combined trench and handheld powered-auger sampling program to assess the potential of these anomalies as targets for future reconnaissance drilling. This will be carried out on agricultural land away from houses and is not expected to impact on residents.

4. CRL continue to play an important role in the Critical Minerals Association which is working to inform the government on future policies on producing critical minerals in the UK, which are needed to support the government’s aim to achieve, “at least a 68% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by the end of the decade”.

5. Tin and copper prices are at 10-year highs and the tungsten price has also started to increase (tin US $27,095/tonne, copper US $9,479 and tungsten US $25,500/tonne). These increasing metal prices will greatly help in getting future financing for the next stage of the Redmoor project.

Further information on the above can be found on the Strategic Minerals website and Cornwall Resources website.

Jeff Harrison – Non-Executive Director SML