Vision Statement

Vision for Callington and Kelly Bray

The Town Council adopted ‘A Vision for Callington and Kelly Bray’ on 25th February 2020.  The Vision has been prepared to set out how Callington and Kelly Bray could change for the better in the future.  The result is a strategy and series of project ideas that point to how things could be improved.  These are set out in this document.  The Vision is the first stage in preparing the ground for a Neighbourhood Plan for Callington and Kelly Bray.

171111 A Vision for Callington and Kelly Bray

 Please note the final version of the Vision document including the various appendices will be uploaded here soon.

Callington Town Council and the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group have worked closely with interested stakeholders and the local community between 2017 and early 2020, to find out what people think about the local area. This has resulted in the generation of many ideas that have helped to shape the Vision.  The ideas provide a framework that is intended to guide and give focus to future change.  The Vision does not provide a blueprint that will be followed to the letter but rather a series of proposals that if implemented will contribute towards stimulating positive change.  By identifying where and how improvements can be made, Callington and Kelly Bray should be in a much better position to bid for funding and influence where scarce resources are targeted.

The Vision has been shaped by the people of the town – consultation has included: a town wide questionnaire; public exhibitions; many individual stakeholder meetings – representing different interest groups; Steering Group focus groups; a call for housing and employment sites; Steering Group housing sub-group sessions; Steering Group transport sub-group sessions; and a business questionnaire.  Ideas vary in scale - but all are geared towards making a better and more beautiful place and addressing the climate emergency.  The main objectives for local people are to create: a healthy and sustainable place to live; local job opportunities; a beautiful town centre; a stronger community; quality homes for everyone; and green transport.

Projects to address these objectives include for example: reducing the impacts of through traffic and HGVs in the town, and planting more trees; identifying sites to support existing and new businesses; enhancing Fore Street as the main civic focus of the town; supporting improved healthcare and education facilities and providing a new village hall for Kelly Bray; identifying sites for new homes and guidelines for how they can be designed so that they are attractive, locally distinctive and sustainable; and improving life for pedestrians (safe routes to school and safer and improved crossing points over the main road) and cyclists (new lanes) as they travel through the area.

The Vision also contains recommendations for the Callington and Kelly Bray Neighbourhood Plan. The Plan, when adopted, will provide a legal framework for managing development – supporting National Planning policies and the Cornwall Local Plan.

The Vision Appendices can be accessed below.  These include the evidence that has been prepared in support of the Vision and Neighbourhood Plan.

Appendix 1 - Project programme
Appendix 7 - Business questionnaire
Appendix 9 - List of stakeholders
Appendix 10 - Summary of consultation
Appendix 11 - Evidense base - bibliography

Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Development Plan

The Callington and Kelly Bray Neighbourhood Development Plan will guide and influence future development in the area to 2030.  It’s preparation has been led by members of the community and

prepared following the adoption of the Vision.  The current version of the Draft Plan can be viewed here:

171111 Neighbourhood Plan Document

The Draft Plan was approved for submission to Cornwall Council for officer feedback by the Town Council on 22nd June 2021.

Once that feedback has been received (and any further changes to the document made) the Plan will be submitted to Cornwall Council and subject to public consultation.  Following this it will be submitted for Independent Examination.  Before the Plan can be formally adopted it will be subject to a referendum.

This Plan builds on the Vision, along with national and Cornwall planning policies, to give an extra level of detail at the local level.  It has been developed to ensure that future growth and development

throughout the Parish is guided by the priorities and aspirations of the local community.  Once finalised, and agreed by the community through a referendum, the Plan will form part of the statutory planning policy framework for the area.  The policies will have equal standing with those in the Local Plan and will be given full consideration by decision makers.

The Plan’s policies will apply to the whole parish of Callington. This is known as the Neighbourhood Area and was designated on 7th March 2016, following a formal process, including community consultation


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